Why visitor management is a must in offices

How do you make sure that your visitors are being handled in an appropriate way by your employees? Is constant vigilance a possibility? Most like, the answer is no. This is when a visitor management system comes into place to ensure that there are protocols and guidelines to be followed that will save you some real issues. 

Many think about why they would need visitor management since they’re not a hotel or a hospitality sector company or even a hospital – but they couldn’t be more misinformed. Irrespective of your sector, one has visitors. 

They can be the CEO flying in for a meeting in your building or a bike messenger who has come in to drop in some mail. Every person who enters your company or workspace and does not work there is a visitor. From candidates seeking a job in your company to people attending an event on the premises to family members of employees among many others are all visitors. 

Visitor management can help build relationships and create a safe workplace

Each person who visits your company may have endless potential to help you – but without actually building and nurturing the relationship, you’d never know. 

At the same time, an effective visitor management system can ensure your employees feel safe. The feels of safety and comfort are of utmost importance at any workplace, where employees and staff know that there will be no strangers or guests at the workplace who have not been processed by the system in place. This amps up their overall productivity and success rate. 

It also protects your assets, intellectual property, data and equipment by ensuring the visitor has a digital footprint behind, making it easier to catch the culprit incase of theft. You can also add any non-disclosure agreements to the visitor management system at check in. 

At the same time, the system will also be able to track who is on your premises at any given moment. It gives you the most control on who accesses your space while also making sure they are handled in an appropriate manner. 

Building a brand 

What do your visitors think of you when they enter your offices for the first time? It depends on their first interactions when they get there. In comes visitor management. 

This system helps you control what your visitors see when they enter your organisation and what they feel about it. By setting a management system in place you are also making sure they are greeted in a certain way that makes them comfortable by someone who understands the protocols and guidelines of the system. 

When they enter your organisation, they shouldn’t feel lost or confused or see clutter and be greeted by someone who won’t look them in the eye. No one likes that.

Touchless check-ins, QR codes for guidelines and badges if necessary will help them refrain from making negative snap judgements. It not only makes you look like you are efficient and welcoming, it also makes them feel like you’ve put in thought into your visitor management.

It saves time and increases productivity 

With co-working spaces, modern offices and flex workspaces on the rise, some places do not have a receptionist. So then when a visitor comes in, who takes care of them? Interruptions occur for employees, slowing down productivity. The host has to be located after that causing the visitor to wait till they can find them. 

Now think if this workplace has a visitor management system in place. They are clearly guided by signs to a self check in space or kiosk. They fill in their details and the host is automatically contacted, making your brand stand out, your visitor happy, your employees and property secure and the overall experience quite memorable.