Why cloud-based Front desk software will be the norm after office re-opens

If this year has taught us anything, it is that our normal is in desperate need of evolving. The COVID 19 outbreak spread all over the world exponentially, impacting people, communities and businesses all over.

It changed the way workplaces operated with everyone homebound for many months. However, as businesses start bringing their operations back on, it is worth noting that it has to be different than what it was – especially in the way they meet and greet visitors. 

While social distancing is a given, having proper visitor management is crucial to ensure safety. The need of the hour is cloud-based Front desk management and here’s why.

Trustworthy and safe 

In a cloud-based visitor management system, instead of being hosted on local internet servers, your software is hosted on the cloud which means that the application is run from, and data is saved and stored, on the internet. These are more trustworthy and are usually more compliant with privacy regulations. 

Unlike traditional visitor management systems, a cloud service will never lose your data. The required persons can simply log in and access the data of the visitors. They do not remain dependent on one original copy. With COVID-19 in the picture, they’re much safer since no touching is involved. All the registrations can be done online before the visitor even reaches your space which will then get uploaded to the cloud. 

Ease of access and cheaper

The data can also be accessed on all kinds of devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones making it a more effective system. 

Not only will it make your workplace safer, but it will also help you save money. A Saas visitor management system cuts your costs at multiple points – installing additional servers, storage, and antivirus programs. Since it is not on local servers there’s no need to house them. Moreover, it also saves you costs of support, repair and maintenance. A cloud-based system will only have a variable cost as you scale up. 

Up to date, at all times

It is also updated at all times – which helps you fix any issues immediately while also protecting sensitive data, unlike a physical registry. 

Since you’re storing your data in the cloud, you can increase the number of people that visit a location without it having any effect on the system. You can also open up multiple locations and offices. The process of setting it up will be as easy as with the first location.

Apart from this, a cloud-based visitor management software will also give you real-time reporting of the history of visitors as well as alert you about the repetitive visitors so you avoid entering information again and again.