Welcome to the new world!

The deadly virus forced people to stay in their home with their family. It’s COVID-19 everywhere and it’s scary. At first, people were thinking it to be a temporary adjustment but now even after 4months, it’s not safe for people to move around freely. 

This led to our favorite idols being infected by the virus or leaving this world by fighting another sort of disease for a long time or sliding into depression. By the time we could muster the strength to cope with this, came the bad news of people losing their jobs and the economy crashing down. 

Sooner or later if the offices are open for employees, they’ve made a rule to wear the face mask throughout the time in the office and sanitize themselves before they enter the office. But could we do anything more than just sanitisation? 

The world has changed. The trees around have become greener and the curious animals in the wild are using the opportunity for a sight seeing on the roads of the city. The polluted rivers have also become cleaner. With such worldly changes, there should even be a change in how the office functions. Firstly to replace the visitor’s book/log with the Visitors Management System. 

This visitors management system helps in pre-registering for the visitors, screening them before they enter the premises and touchless and paperless check-in for a meeting. This system provides an additional layer of safety by knowing who the visitor is and having a choice to accept or decline the meeting. No matter who the visitor is, let it be a delivery guy, a courier guy, or a candidate for an interview the system provides every information of them once they check-in. 

Following this extremely sophisticated system helps organise the office functioning and look professional. Not just the organisation but even the visitors feel safe during the process.