Using a Visitor Management System to improve safety and security at your workplace

Along with investing in CCTV cameras, locks and alarm systems, it is crucial that a company invest in an effective visitor management system, to achieve an optimum level of safety and security. 

Having a good visitor management system not only helps you have absolute control over who enters and leaves your building, but also makes sure they’re exactly where they need to be – but it doesn’t stop there. 

Here, we will discuss the many ways in which this system can breathe new life into your workplace by improving its safety and security and they’re definitely better than the traditional logbooks. 

Pre-registration saves a lot of trouble 

In order to avoid data security breaches or physical threat from unwanted and dangerous visitors, it is important to make the shift to visitor management systems.

Visitor management systems have features like pre-registration that allows you to monitor your visitors closely. So much so, that when they arrive at your premises, you know exactly who they are. 

Moreover, if you opt for digital reception, they will also have to submit personal data like phone numbers, e-mail ids, photographs among other things, before they enter the workplace making them easier to track in case of any untoward incident. It also comes with visual identification of the visitor entering the workplace.

This data gets saved into a cloud instead of a traditional logbook which is easy to misplace and even easier to overlook. 

Screening process becomes more accurate

For offices with multiple entries and exit points, monitoring visitors with a centralized visitor management system is much more helpful than having CCTVs or security guards.

The screening process with visitor management is also much more effective than a traditional logbook system. It helps segregate employees and non-employees in the workplace. It also helps direct the non-employees effectively into the workspace. They have lesser waiting time and the receptionist has less of a frantic meltdown trying to figure out how to take care of them and get their details at the same time right from the lobby. 

You can stop an unwanted visitor by creating watchlists

Visitor management systems can also help you create watchlists. In case of an unwanted visitor, you can create watchlists for them and they can be denied access to the workplace. With a traditional logbook system in place or just a lack of a visitor management system, you won’t be able to do this. 

If a receptionist is at the entrance, they will be alerted immediately as soon as they identify themselves. A quick background check of the visitor’s details on the database can help the system identify between wanted and unwanted visitors easily. 

Get real-time updates

This system can also give you real-time updates on where your visitor is. Moreover, employees who indeed have visitors meeting them can be instantly alerted of them. In case the visitor is unwanted or has no actual plans with an employee, you’d know immediately and avoid a bad situation. The system in place can also alert the authorities in case an unwanted visitor makes an appearance because their data would already be stored in the system.

Useful in emergencies

 It can also help during an emergency evacuation situation. Communicating with people in case of an emergency can be difficult. Therefore, notifying visitors and employees of emergency situations can be time-consuming, potentially threatening their well-being. Making note of all the contact details of the visitors and calling them one by one is not an efficient way of handling the crisis.

Recognizing the importance of visitor management will allow companies to prevent security breaches and be prepared for an emergency.