The World Has Changed, Your Office Should Too

Do you see the change in the world after lockdown? It has changed overnight while people started to follow social distancing and work from home. They’ve the time and energy now to get back to their hobbies and have a fitness regime. Instead of formal clothes and tucked in shirts, it’s Pjs and comfort wears. Sometimes people become chefs in their kitchen and try out dishes they would normally order in a restaurant. 

With all these new changes came the darkness of the economic crisis in the country. Thousands have lost jobs and few graduates couldn’t attend their colleges abroad. The online classes, work from home have been a boon for few offices but when the offices reopen there should be a set of rules to follow with regards to safety. 

Yes, we need to sanitise our hands and wear masks at the workplace. But, I think we can do more than just sanitise. We can bring in a Visitor Management System that provides an extra layer to the safety net. Every company has different kinds of visitors. The postman, the courier guy, food delivery guy, candidates for interview, clients etc., Amidst this crisis this new system to screen visitors before they step foot in the premises helps maintain security to the visitor and the office by having them check-in paperless.  

The risk screening questionnaire helps in knowing about the travel history and the health condition of the visitor. The touchless check-in system ensures that the visitor does not touch any devices and can enter their details on their phone by scanning a QR code. This is quick, all one has to do is to check-in with the available tablet, or their phone and choose the reason to visit. All this done in minutes of time without a wait. Paperless, touchless and risk assessment are quick three smart ways to be safe.

This is one way to promote a smart and safe change in the office around the world. Technology has developed so much that we can use it to our benefit to fight the virus in a smart as well as preserving the environment the way it is today.