Living the New Normal – Protoco to support you

Life, in general, has turned upside down because of COVID-19. Social distancing, masks and sanitizers have become a part of our daily lives. We try to go touchless as much as we can, stay indoors and keep ourselves as safe as possible from the virus. But just how long can we keep ourselves inside our homes? Not for long. 

At some point, we’ll have to live the new normal – the life after COVID-19, where everything we knew about social interactions, has changed completely. We can’t run from it, but we can get help. 

At any place where you have visitors – the delivery boys, the postman, the bike messengers or clients, interviewees or guests – Protoco can help you. 

It makes the tough job of screening visitors simple and allows you to complete the interaction without any physical contact at all. Visitors aren’t just for hotels!

Screening your visitors 

Protoco’s visitor management system helps you ensure that your aforementioned space is secure and you have the complete knowledge of who exactly has come inside it. 

Protoco’s screening gives you detailed information on who your visitor is and asks them questions about their travel history and health that tell you if they could be a potential threat. This information will come in handy in case one of the visitors is tested as a positive patient. It will enable easy tracking and quarantining of those people who have come in contact with the patient.

Pre-registering them

This screening process also includes a pre-registration for the visit, meaning you will already have their basic information before they meet you at your space. By pre-registering, Protoco makes the meeting a lot less chaotic and a lot safer in terms of physical contact.

Protoco also arms every visitor with a QR code. They can scan the code before checking in and it will guide them through the process. They are not required to touch any shared devices. 

This process also means that you can have that information updated, always and accessible at the drop of a hat. 

Keeps your data safe

Moreover, being a cloud-based front desk management system, Protoco’s keeps your data completely secure and you don’t risk losing it. The cloud-based system also makes Protoco cost-effective, saving costs of installation repair and maintenance of local servers.

COVID-19 policy agreement 

All businesses will have new visitor and office safety policies which include the health guidelines for COVID-19. Protoco’s visitor management system will help ensure that every visitor gets to read and acknowledge the new social distancing and hygiene requirements for your space. 

Protoco is effective, reliable easy to use – a perfect buddy as you navigate through the new Normal.