Keeping your visitors safe with a touchless check-in process

Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, wherever you go, it’s a safe distance zone. Hygiene has become a crucial way to fight this virus with touch-less interactions being the prime mantra. There is no doubt that this has added stress to the already chaotic process of welcoming, managing, and tracking your visitors. However, there are options to blend in with the touch-less times while you manage visitors, keep them safe and enhance the overall experience of the process. 

First and foremost, let’s understand what a touch-less check-in is

It means being able to manage your visitors in a better calibre than you previously did while also maintaining safety measures brought in place due to the fast-spreading pandemic.

Although not a shiny new concept, there is no denying that it is more important than ever. Automatic faucets, gesture sensors as well as voice recognition technologies have been used for a good part of the last three decades to not just give visitors a modern experience but also maintain a culture of hygiene without them even noticing.

It’s much more seamless than clicking on a pen, realizing it doesn’t work while scribbling on a document in a desperate attempt to finish the task. Unlike a pen and paper, it has a lesser chance of being misplaced since all your eggs will be in one basket or a visitor management system. 

It saves time for everyone. Check-ins require more information than one thinks and going touch-less can make this process a success without spending the usual amount of time. 

A sign-in on a device such as a phone, iPad or a computer before they physically get to the destination or space means they don’t spend excessive amounts of time doing what they can do pre-arrival, thus making the check-in or sign in much smoother for themselves, others as well as the hosts. They can get to who they’re in the space as well.

Instead of trying to find solutions to unprecedented issues on your feet, there is time to go back and forth and sort it out before the visitor arrives for the check-in. 

Going touch-less sends a multi-faceted message – you’re concerned about the well being of your staff, visitors and the entire office while also providing a smoother and effective experience to visitors. 

Some ways to create a touch-less or minimal contact check-in 

  1. Pre-registration of visitors

Make the most of pre-registration. If you have a system in place that takes cares of your visitors first and foremost needs while making their way to you, you’ve solved half the problem. Ensure your visitors receive the instructions to your workspace, along with maps, nearest landmarks and the like before they reach your premises. 

This also allows them to have enough time to read and understand any documents that they’d require for their trip to your workplace. It simplest front desk management as well. Plus, all information is available at the click of a button when the visitors reach you.

  1. QR codes can be your best friend

QR codes at check-ins can become a sort of guidance and key to visitors as they access a space. Ensure that a relevant QR code is sent with every invitation email to your visitors. The codes can be used to guide visitors through any specific areas during a specific time, ensuring they know exactly where to go. Also, equip them with a special key card. 

  1. Ensure that employees know exactly when visitors arrive 

You can achieve this by using a messenger tool such as Slack or use an SMS system to alert employees as soon as the visitor arrives. This is another way of ensuring that the touch-less process goes on smoothly.