How you can protect your office and build a safe space

It is a given that at any workplace, the health and safety of your employees are of utmost importance. More often than not, unhappy workers are less productive workers. Providing them with a safe space away from the world outside where they can focus and get cracking, is crucial to the success of a company. 

So how does one achieve this? Here are some tips to ensure you protect your office while building a safe pace for your employees. 

  1. Create a positive working environment

As the saying goes, employees don’t leave companies, they quit toxic work environments. One of the easiest ways to create a positive work environment where employees don’t dread Mondays or any day of the week for that matter is to actively show the team you appreciate their work and encourage them to show appreciation for each other. 

Make space for equal and open discussions where employees don’t feel that their voices are being stifled. Discussion sessions can be a great opportunity for brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. In order to promote a safe and positive environment for the whole team, try and ensure that the discussions are moderated well, so everyone gets to share their opinion. 

  1. Spend time together not working

Employees are humans and not machines. It is important to take time out and engage in no work-related activities so your employees get to know each other. It helps rejuvenate them and encourages them to see each other as more than just positions in a company. If your team is relaxed around each other, there are fewer fires to put out and a lot more work getting done. 

Think about getting a wellness space at the workplace itself as well, so employees can have a quiet few minutes before getting back to work to avoid burnout.

  1. Invest in good leadership 

A good leader will make your employees feel safe, heard, happy and productive. Hire and promote people with good leadership skills. Ensure that leaders are encouraging and positive, instead of derogatory and humiliating. Ensure great leadership from your end as well – making sure you stand for the better, letting your employees know that you’ve got their back.

  1. Invest in great lighting and CCTV cameras

Most intrusions of this nature happen during the night – which makes it a great idea to light up the outside of your premises. It also gives any security personnel an upper hand at preventing a burglary.  Especially in high-risk areas, this is very important. 

Similarly, set up CCTV cameras all around your office space so you know exactly who enters and leaves the premises – be it visitors during the day or anyone else. The most popular form of security lighting is passive infrared, which is activated when someone comes into its field of vision and is cost-effective to install.

  1. Invest in a good visitor management system 

No matter your investment on locks and alarms, sometimes, things can escalate if you don’t control who enters or leaves your building. With a great visitor management system, you can regulate where your visitors or any person entering your office space can go where they need to. There is no loitering around, disturbing the employees – or any other unwanted circumstances. 

Working in a positive and safe workplace will impact your well-being in a good way and give you a better outlook on your career – after all, who doesn’t want to love their job!