How Protoco can help you manage the risk of Coronavirus at work

Despite the economy reeling because of the COVID-19 crisis, companies are trying their best to get back on their feet – but if you’re not careful, it could end in an even bigger disaster for them. Imagine a visitor walks into your workplace – signs in, waits in the lobby, interacts with your staff and maybe even uses your restroom. 

Days later, someone in your workplace starts coughing. 

You can’t recall what they look like, you don’t know their travel history and you certainly don’t know if they’re asymptomatic carriers. 

It’s a terrifying scenario and not too far away from the truth. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. Ensuring the least amount of exposure for your workforce by any visitor is critical in these times and Protoco provides that smart solution. 

Protoco is an efficient visitor management system which takes your workplace from being a potential COVID cluster to a touchless experience of finesse. Protoco’s cutting edge technology could be the perfect answer for you to manage the risk of COVID-19 at your workplace. 

Protoco believes that technology can not only improve processes but also go a long way in building a sustainable world. Out go the traditional paper trails and logbooks. With them, also goes the concept of you not knowing your visitors before they write their name on a register. 

 It helps you screen your visitors through pre-registration

Protoco’s visitor management system features pre-registration of visitors which means you have detailed information on who is coming in contact with your workplace before they set foot inside the premises.

The pre-registration system allows you to pre-plan your meetings, which means you have the advantage of going absolutely touchless if you need to. With everything entered in the system before the visitors arrive, there are no frantic greetings in the lobby. 

Know if your visitor is a potential COVID-19 case

Your workplace is ready for the visitors – which means you can be armed to provide whatever safety measures necessary at the entrance itself. Protoco’s screening before check-in comes with a set of questions about your visitor’s travel history, their health and well being – helping you screen potential COVID-19 positive cases.  

It helps you go touchless

Moreover, Protoco has a touchless check-in feature, keeping in mind the current pandemic, where every visitor is provided with a QR code. They can scan the code before checking in and it will guide them through the process. They are not required to touch the shared tablet or device. 

Moreover, all plans include unlimited visitors, 24-hour customer support and zero startup costs.